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Call For Action Gordon Brown

Posted 03/2-09 at 20.47

The Alliance for Inclusive Education ALLFIE is calling all disabled people and their allies for action, because the UK Government is currently planning to reduce our rights in education. At the end of the ALLFIE article, we have reproduced a campaining letter, which you can copy and print and send to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Thank you for your support. Do let us know your views.


ALLFIE explains:

"Dear Friends and Colleagues

As many of you know the UK Government is currently planning to ratify (bring into UK Law) the new United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Once ratified, this will create a monumental shift in the way disabled people have our rights recognized and protected across the world.


Until now the UK Govt was leading the way on the Convention but progress has now stalled and the Govt has decided that it does not want to protect disabled people’s human rights after all. The Govt wants to prevent any further moves towards inclusive education for all disabled people by opting out of its commitment to Article 24, of the UNCRPD, on education.

What the Govt seems to have forgotten is that it agreed the text of Article 24 back in August 2006 knowing that it meant it would have to plan for making the education system in Britain, inclusive, over time. This was not a problem for the Govt then so why now?

ALLFIE believes this is shameful backtracking and is a huge betrayal of the Govt’s commitment to equality for disabled people by 2025. ALLFIE believes that equality for ALL disabled people cannot be achieved without an education system that is fully inclusive of ALL learners.

ALLFIE has made numerous attempts to meet with Govt Ministers to discuss their position but they keep refusing to meet with us – so much for transparent government. Whatever happened to the Govt’s commitment to involving disabled people ?

ALLFIE has drafted a letter to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, saying that the Govt must reconsider this decision and ratify the UNCRPD without ANY reservations. The Govt must understand that its current position is out of step with the rest of the world – no other country has opted out of Article 24 – SHAME ON THE UK GOVT!!"



The Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Prime Minister
No. 10 Downing Street
London, SW1A 2 AA

Dear Prime Minister


I/We am/are writing to you to express my/our concern about your
Government’s plan to place a Reservation against Article 24 on
Education in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with

I/We do not think that the Government can pick and choose which
human rights should be supported for disabled people especially when
the aim of the UN Convention is to bring about equality and inclusion
between disabled and non disabled people. This can only be achieved
through the development of a truly inclusive education system
whereby disabled and non disabled students can live and learn
together in mainstream schools within their local communities. There
are plenty of examples where Disabled children and young people are
included in their local schools and are thriving.

It must be the aim of your Government to continue the excellent work
schools are currently doing by increasing the numbers and range of
disabled students accessing mainstream education, if you are to
achieve equality for disabled people by 2025.

Anything other than full ratification without reservations would
guarantee educational apartheid for future generations of disabled

More than 40 countries have already ratified the UNCRPD, none
have placed a reservation on Article 24, I/WE urge you to not deny
disabled people our right to be included and that you support and lead
on the global vision for disabled people’s equality?

Yours sincerely



Ways to send the letter to Gordon Brown:

By post to

No. 10 Downing Street
London, SW1A 2AA
Dear Prime Minister

No.10 Downing St Fax No: 020 7925 0918

The No.10 Downing Street email is not working currently!

In Solidarity


Tara Flood 
Chief Executive Officer 
Alliance for Inclusive Education 
Website: www.allfie.org.uk 
MY SPACE URL: http://www.myspace.com/allfie


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