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Recognition For Inclusion Now Campaign Work

Posted 29/9-08 at 22.40

ALLFIE Director, and DAA Chair, Tara Flood has been awarded the Social Inclusion Campaign Award from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.


A photo taken at the awards ceremoong, in a reception room at 10 Downing Street Tara Flood stands next to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minsiter. They are both smiling for the camera. To their left is a banner for the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Picture courtesy of Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Prime Minister Gordon Brown presented Tara with the award at a reception in 10 Downing Street on the 22nd July. It is in recognition of Tara’s and the Alliance for Inclusive Education’s campaign “We Know Inclusion Works”.

The campaign was started 18 months ago in response to negative media coverage of inclusion. Its objective is to create a united and influential voice that includes young people, their families, teachers, and allies.

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation Awards were started in 2006. The foundation is dedicated to helping campaigners create positive and lasting social change.

'Winning this award was a real surprise,” Tara said, “and I hope that it helps us raise the profile of the campaign and the benefits of inclusive education to the whole community'.

You are invited to send your stories about how inclusion works to info@allfie.org.uk

“Inclusion for me is about society, which respects the humanity of its people.” says a disabled young person in Nottinghamshire.  “Inclusion happens when everyone feels appreciated and welcome to participate.”

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education.


Inclusion is going to school with your friends.

“I kept asking myself what words a mother would use to explain to her daughter why they did not want her at her school. Except that she was disabled. If my daughter had only been black, and not disabled too, would the school have been able to do the same?”

Preethi Manuel mother of Zahrah.





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