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Jordan: Voting to be made more accessible

Posted 07/7-10 at 22.40

Some disabled people will have an easier time voting in November's parliamentary elections as several polling stations will be provided with wheelchairs, entrance ramps, appropriate technology (we assume for blind and partially-sighted people), as well as trained staff. A government spokesman said this reflects their commitment to securing maximum participation in the election and giving disabled people the chance to take part in the decision-making process by choosing their representatives.


Editorial comment: Any move to have a more inclusive electoral process is welcomed. However, with an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 disabled Jordanians, making only a few centres accessible seems a token gesture. This is all the more so, as most disabled people do not have access to appropriate transport. If the government was really serious, they would be announcing a programme to make all polling stations accessible and setting a timetable for doing this.



Comment added 31/8-10 at 11.38 by: محمد سعود (msswad@hotmail.com)

اعتقد جازما ان حقوق الاشخاص المعوقين في الاردن توجه تحدي كبير بسبب عدم رغبة ووعي المسؤلين في في اجهزة الدوله والقطاع الخاص رغم ووجود القوانين والاهتمام من قبل الاسرة الحاكمة فيي الاردن ولمناقشة التجاوزات لدي كثير من الوقائع والادله

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