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USA: Father fights Do Not Resuscitate order on disabled child

Posted 06/7-10 at 03.07

A DNR (Do Not Resusciate) order was issued on Jack Frost's 8 year old disabled child, without his input or permission. He has been fighting for months both to have the DNR revoked and raise awareness of the issue more generally.

Frost maintains that a DNR in his son's case is totally unnecessary as he has only been hospitalized once. However, according to Frost, his ex-wife (and the custodial parent) sees things differently and believes a DNR is needed.

Diane Coleman, President of Not Dead Yet, based in Rochester, NY, has written in support of Frost, drawing attention to the dangers of DNRs, especially on children. She said, "Children with disabilities deserve the equal protection of the law, and equal access to the same health care treatments that non-disabled children have a right to expect. " Coleman went on to say, "Children have tremendous capacity to recover from adverse medical conditions and, with or without disabilities enjoy life... My parents were told that I would die by the age of twelve due to my neuromuscular disability, but here I am at age 56, still working full time."




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