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USA: Update. National Council on Disability

Posted 06/7-10 at 02.59

In our May issue of Our Rights, we reported that Ari Ne'eman, founder of the he Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, had his nomination to sit on National Council on Disability held up in the US Senate. It had been suggested this happened because some parents of children with autism, especially the National Autistic Association, objected to Ne'eman's belief that autism should not be cured, but instead should be accepted and accommodated.


The final list of new members has just been announced and, fortunately, Ari has been included. Furthermore, six of the eight new members are disabled people.





Comment added 08/7-10 at 08.46 by: SRIDEVI RAO (sridevirao_dr@yahoo.com)

I intend to introduce change to autistic children through plants. Can anyone help with literature or experiences on this aspect.

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