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International: Calls for inclusion of disabled women and girls in UN development agenda

Posted 29/6-10 at 20.33

The meeting at the end of June of the United Nations Economic and Social Council brings together health and development ministers from around the world to assess progress on the UN development agenda. There will be particular emphasis on gender equality in international development assistance. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for the inclusion of disabled women and girls in the declaration to be adopted on July 1st.

Shantha Rau Barriga, researcher and advocate on disability rights at HRW, says, "Efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals - including those on poverty, education, HIV, and gender equality - will fall short unless governments and UN agencies include women and girls with disabilities in their programs, planning, and decision-making."

HRW also point out that what they are asking for is no more than what is demanded in the UNCRPD, particularly articles 6 and 32. The former concerns the need to consider disabled women and girls. The latter requires governments to ensure that international development programs are inclusive of and accessible to disabled people.



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