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UK: Threats of massive cuts in services for elderly and disabled people

Posted 21/6-10 at 15.12

Warwickshire County Council are considering plans to increase by up to ten times the cost of services for disabled and elderly people.

A council official said, "In the present economic climate, with the prospect of tighter budgets for years to come, the council must save tens of millions, for each of the next four years, to balance its books."

As an example of what to expect, it is estimated that daily rates for respite care would rise £4.13 to £51.80, day care charges from £5.55 to £25 and hourly rates for home care would go up from about £9 to £16. The council claims that the poorest would be protected. Nonetheless, they are also considering lowering the threshold at which customers pay no charge. This would mean more people being liable to pay for services.


Editorial comment: DAA has been warning for some time that disabled people in the UK and throughout the world would be paying a disproportionately heavy price for the global economic crisis. This echoes the situation in California and other US states, and is likely to be only one of the first of many such announcements in the UK. Interestingly, it comes at the same time as bonuses for bankers and company bosses are reported to be increasing once again.

The similar timing of these events provide a powerful, obscene example not only of social inequality, but also how the poor are made to pay for the excesses of the rich. The latter get bailouts, the former just get shut out.




Comment added 22/6-10 at 09.54 by: richard downes (r.downes@yahoo.co.uk)

I was talking to a committee member recently and we focussed on the triple whammy coming to us all.
Our benefits are facing reduction
Charging is going up
Our organisations that support us will face closure
On top of this the carers will be targetted too.
Abuse will rise. Squalor and poverty will become the norm
etc. etc.

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