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UK: Commission launches inquiry into disability-related harassment

Posted 15/6-10 at 23.20

The Equality and Human Rights Commission will be holding an inquiry into how public bodies and public transport providers are fulfilling their legal obligations to prevent disabled people from being harassed. Organizations found failing in their duties could face enforcement action.

Every working day at least one person on average appears in court charged with a crime against a disabled person, nearly half of which involve violence. Evidence already gathered by the Commission suggests that many more incidents of targeted violence or hostility go unreported or are not dealt with properly by social housing bodies, social services teams, crime prevention units, public transport and other public bodies in Britain.

Mike Smith, lead Commissioner for the Inquiry, said, "By highlighting the failures as well as learning from examples of good practice, the Commission's Inquiry will help public bodies try to ensure that future tragedies are prevented and transform the way that the people of Britain value and respect disabled people." The first wave of evidence will be collected until Friday 10 September 2010. It can be given directly to the Commission via its website, email and helpline. Thirteen evidence gathering events have already been organised and more are in the pipeline. These will be held around Britain in the next three months and will be publicised locally.




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