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UK: Disabled people launch Campaign against assisted suicide

Posted 08/6-10 at 00.41

On June 3rd, disabled people from across the UK met in London to launch the Not Dead Yet UK campaign to ensure legislation prohibiting assisted suicide and euthanasia remains in place.

A charter has been drawn up and sent all members of Parliament asking for their support. The charter's key points include:

A recognition that disabled and terminally ill people should have the same legal protection as everyone elseA commitment to support disabled and terminally ill constituents to access the health, social and other services that they needA commitment to oppose any change to the current law, which makes assisted suicide illegal.

Campaigners point out that some people view disabled people's lives as not worth living, contrary to the view of many disabled people themselves. High profile cases of disabled people who want the law changed to make assisted suicide easier are the exception rather than the rule, they say.

Baroness Jane Campbell of Surbiton, convenor for Not Dead Yet UK, pointed out , "There have been two attempts to legalise assisted dying in the past four years, with further discussions taking place in the Scottish parliament now. We face a bleak situation if calls for assisted suicide to be lawful are renewed whilst vital services are being withdrawn or denied."

For more details on the campaign and to sign the charter, go to:



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I am writing from a small TV company, Markthree Media. We are making a documentary for BBC Radio 1 about the right to die debate. We would be really keen to chat to you about your campaign, specifically to find out if you have any young campaigners (or those who might relate to a Radio 1 audience). We want to put forward a balanced view of the debate to engage a younger audience.

Please either give me a call on 07789438002 or contact the assistant producer Freya on freya@markthreemedia.com.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Lottie Webb

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