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Disability Equality: Promoting Positive Attitudes

Posted 21/1-09 at 12.40

In December, a research study by The Children’s Society found that about a third of children said they did not learn about disability at school. Under the Disability Equality Duty of the DAA the education system has a duty to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people. This may best be achieved by learning with and learning from disabled people, rather than about them.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People signals a shift in thinking about disabled people, from objects of care and special treatment to subjects of rights. However, in schools this understanding of disability equality is far from becoming a reality.

“34 percent of schools that taught disability equality incorporated it into social activities, including school trips and joint sports days with special schools.” reports The Children’s Society.

Disabled people and their organisations argue for inclusion to promote positive attitudes.

Disability Equality in Education affirms that

“Parents and professional should be allies to young disabled people by

• Empowering disabled children to have a strong sense of self as disabled people
• Struggling to stop segregative practice

• Building strong peer relationships with disabled and non-disabled peers.”

“The movement for Inclusive Education is largely misunderstood and under-reported in the media”, argues the Alliance for Inclusive Education. They have produced a DVD for everyone who wants to work towards a society built not on exclusion, but one in which all people are brought up to live well together.

To read the full research go to http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/whats_happening/media_office/latest_news/10836_pr.html

For details about ALLFIE and the Inclusion DVD go to


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