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Canada: Judge rules family with disabled child can’t stay in the country

Posted 26/5-10 at 17.35

As reported in our February newsletter, because they have a disabled daughter, a French immigrant family had been told to leave the country. Immigration law prohibits permanent settlement of ‘... individuals who have a serious health or medical condition that could pose an excessive demand on provincial health and social services.'

young girl in embrace with her parents

The Barlagne family

Even though the family had offered to pay for many of Rachel's medical needs, a Federal Court judge ruled that immigration agents had acted fairly in this case.

The family's lawyer said that the family was devastated by the decision. It is difficult to bear, he said because "The child you love, the child you find wonderful - and there is a government that tells you your child is a burden to our society." Now David and Sophie Barlagne have asked the Immigration Minister, Jason Kenny, to intervene and set aside the court decision on humanitarian grounds.




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