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USA: Disabled child starved to death in state care facility

Posted 26/5-10 at 17.26

Johnny Andron, a ten-year-old disabled boy, died of starvation while in foster case in Michigan. His mother, Elena, a single parent, had asked for help when she lost her job. The ‘help’ was to take her son into care.


Elena and Johny who is a wheelchair user

Elena and Johnny Andron

Despite her best efforts to get him home and her complaints about his failing health, the state not only ignored her, but also took her to court to prevent her visiting Johnny. When her son finally did come home it was in a casket.

The federal government gave Michigan about $110 million last year for foster care. That's compared to the $26 million in programs that help parents keep their kids. Foster facilities also have an incentive to keep kids away from their parents. In this case, the foster home got about $12,000 a month from the state. That should have been more than enough at the very least to keep the child properly fed.



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