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UK: Mother remanded for murder of disabled son

Posted 26/5-10 at 16.53

Yvonne Freaney, 48, has been charged with the murder of her 11-year old disabled son, Glen. After killing Glen, she tried to commit suicide. When found at a hotel with Glen's body, she is reported to have said, ‘I had to do it - no-one else would look after him. I strangled him with my belt. ...at least now nobody can point fingers at him.'

On May 17th, Mrs. Freany was remanded for 28 days to Caswell Psychiatric Clinic in Bridgend, South Wales.


Editorial comment: Of course, the full story behind this terrible crime is yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, judging by the comments allegedly made by Mrs. Freaney, this sounds disturbingly similar to the recent Pilkington murder/suicide, caused mainly by harassment and lack of social support in the community.



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