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Hungary: Court Rules Article 12 of UN Convention Unconstitutional

Posted 16/5-10 at 21.49

Article 12 of the CRPD says that states should not deprive people of the right to make their own decisions and instead make provision to assist them in making those decisions. In Hungary there were moves to change the law accordingly, but at the last minute these changes were declared unconstitutional by the country's Constitutional Court. This represents a major setback for disabled Hungarians, particularly the 80,000 who at the moment are not free to decide on such things as getting married, signing an agreement or choosing where and how to live.

The Hungarian National Council of Federations of People with Disabilities (ÉFOÉSZ), which represents 600,000 disabled people, has asked for international organizations to write to key individuals in the political and judicial establishment to express their concern that Hungary has not made its laws compliant with one of the most important articles of the UN Convention.

For more details about this issue and names and addresses of people to contact, please write to efoesz@efoesz.hu.


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