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Europe: Disabled people must not pay for the economic crisis

Posted 13/5-10 at 13.23

The General Assembly of European Disability Forum, meeting in Madrid (May 8th and 9th), issued a strongly worded resolution demanding that disabled people do not bear the cost of the current economic crisis.

There is concern that because of the greed and mismanagement of those running financial institutions and the failure of government regulation, disabled people and their families will ‘..." pay for the crisis by the reduction in their income, benefits, and support and employment opportunities or in cuts in support to our representative organisations.

Editorial comment: As we have seen in the UK and the USA, this is precisely what is happening. As overly-indebted governments throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world are forced to reduce borrowing and therefore spending, those who are already the poorest in all countries are bound to suffer disproportionately. Such has always been the self-serving ‘logic' of international capitalism.




Comment added 12/6-11 at 14.12 by: author (richardmagus@gmail.com)

I read this with interest!
I think someone,
should tell,
the UK* coalition*
as they seem very keen to cut,
my independence*
and I love my independence*
be warned*
some of us*
are watching!

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