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Croatia: Not fulfilling obligations under UN Convention

Posted 13/5-10 at 00.06

On May 3rd, the CRPD's second anniversary, Human Rights Watch has accused Croatia on failing to live up to its obligations, especially with respect to deinstitutionalization.

They claim that whereas in other parts of Europe disabled people are being supported to live in the community, in Croatia there are at least 7,000 people still in long-stay institutions and the number is growing. As has been well documented, such places rob people of their dignity and expose them to mental and physical abuse.

Furthermore, the Convention requires countries not to deprive people of their legal capacity to make decisions. In Croatia over 8000 have been denied this right. A spokesperson for Human Rights Watch has said, "When legal capacity is taken away, adults ...end up being treated like young children,... The system also makes it easy for people to be institutionalized and hard for them to get out."



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