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Dying man ‘not worth saving’

Posted 14/1-09 at 18.42

A disabled man was apparently left to die by two paramedics, who decided that his life was not worth saving.

Barry Baker from Brighton phoned the Ambulance Services when he collapsed with symptoms of a heart attack. The phone line remained open and the subsequent conversation between the paramedics was overheard.

When the attending paramedics saw the messy flat and cluttered living conditions, they felt it was not worth saving this man’s life. Mr Baker had progressive arthritis, but refused to ask for any assistance. He did enjoy regular trips out and used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions until his early retirement. Without assistance, however, he did not manage to keep his house clean.

Two South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust workers were arrested on 5 December on suspicion of neglecting to perform a duty in public office contrary to common law.

The paramedics, aged 44 and 35, have been suspended from their jobs and bailed until later this month while an investigation is carried out.

Read full details, click here http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/jan/03/paramedic-arrests-brighton-barry-baker.


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