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UK: Disabled child excluded from primary school

Posted 06/5-10 at 20.31

The parents of Josh Pickett, an eight-year-old disabled boy from Tweedsmuir in Scotland, have been told that his primary school could no longer provide for his "special needs".

Josh Pickett

His exclusion came after Josh had suffered a string of discriminatory incidents at the school. For example, he was the only child that did not have this photograph taken. On another occasion the head teacher suggested they mark off a specific area in the playground for him.

His father said, 'We've had to fight SBC"s education department every step of the way on this in an effort to get Josh's needs catered for. They basically pay lip service to inclusion as there is no flexibility or clear strategy to dealing with pupils such as Josh within schools.'


Editorial comment: Unfortunately, Josh's experience is all too common and is one example of the issue Jonathan Bartley tried to raise with David Cameron. ( see http://www.daa.org.uk/index.php?mact=Blogs,cntnt01,showentry,0&cntnt01entryid=145&cntnt01returnid=98)

For a fuller exposition of why inclusive education is such a critical human rights/social justice issue and what is needed to achieve it, see: ALFIE's (Alliance for Inclusive Education) Manifesto 2010. http://www.allfie.org.uk/pages06/campaigns.html#manifesto


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