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Philippines: Convention not being implemented claims disability activist

Posted 23/4-10 at 20.44

On April 16th, disabled people in the Philippines staged an ‘Indignation Rally' to mark the second anniversary of the country's ratification of the CRPD. They were protesting because the government has done nothing to make the Convention a reality for disabled people. On the contrary, conditions have become worse. This is view of Lauro Purcil Jr,, of Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas Inc. (KAMPI). During the two years since the Convention was ratified, Purcil says, "...instead of ‘progressive realization,' Filipinos with Disabilities witnessed a deliberate ‘reprogression' against their right for full, meaningful and equal participation ...".

Indignation Rally participants

Indignation Rally participants

His comments came after the Commission on Election (Comelec) disqualified the Disabled Pinoy Party (DPP), which was supposed to represent the sector in the Lower Chamber of the Philippine Congress.


Purcil has called for a global response to the failure of states, such as the Philippines, to implement the CRPD. He writes, "The Filipinos with Disabilities cry out to the whole nation and the whole world to come and join this most marginalized sector to battle against "THE CULTURE OF DISCRIMINATION, CORRUPTION AND HYPOCRICY" to ensure that this two-year young UNCRPD does not suffer the fate of the ..." 27-year old Accessibility Law. The provisions of this legislation have been openly and flagrantly violated by government buildings and public work projects.


Editorial comment: A big thank you to Lauro for providing important additional information and to Project Director of Breaking Barriers for Children and Young Adults for the photos.



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