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EGYPT: Disabled people in 50-day rights protest

Posted 15/4-10 at 20.47

It is now April 2010, and for almost 2 months dozens of disabled people have been protesting outside Egypt's parliament building for such basic human rights as housing and jobs.

Mahrousa Salem, coordinator of the demonstration, said, "We've been totally marginalized by the government for decades now. All laws stating disabled people's rights are inefficient, and unfortunately the government considers us as second rate citizens."

Although government officials have said they may grant privileges and legal protection for disabled people, protesters said they will not end their demonstration until they are granted full rights.


Editorial comment: It is curious and somewhat worrying that the report in the Los Angeles Times does not mention the fact that two years ago Egypt ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Surely, the protesters in Cairo will know about this and be calling their government to account. DAA would very much like to hear from anyone with first-hand information on this action.


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