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UK: Disability hate crime claims another victim

Posted 05/4-10 at 22.10

Martyn Griffiths, 32, a disabled man, was left unconscious after a vicious attack in Aberdare in Wales. Martyn GriffithsMartyn, who is awaiting a heart and lung transplant, later regained consciousness and, despite having a badly bruised face, he was said to be physically okay. Police have arrested one person and their inquiries are continuing.




Comment added 07/4-10 at 20.16 by: Eleanor (news@daa.org.uk)

Thank you for voicing your comments.

Comment added 06/4-10 at 11.37 by: Mair Hill (mairhill@googlemail.com)

I am very proud to be Welsh but this kind of thing makes me very ashamed. This is akin to racism and must be stopped. There but for the grace of god.........

Comment added 06/4-10 at 07.36 by: Wendi (wendi@dpa.org.nz)

Truly disgusting.I just cannot work out what goes through the minds of people who do this kind of thing

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