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UK: Death of disabled women linked to council’s neglect

Posted 02/4-10 at 12.39

Jennyfer (Alex) Spencer's friends have claimed that her death was directly related to her 7- year battle for accessible housing and to cuts in her entitlement to support by the London Borough of Camden.

Jennyfer Spencer

Local groups say that this has become a problem for many disabled and elderly people in the area due to ‘...services stopped or reduced under the cruel eligibility rules. Others were refused support or have been driven away by charges they can't afford.'


The impact of such harsh policies are reflected in Jennyfer's final letter. She wrote: "When you read this, I'll be dead. . . I wish that no human/animal should ever go through life as I did, or endure so much deliberate cruelty to be placed on them by dirty and wicked persons."


and http://www.camdennewjournal.com/news/2010/apr/jennyfer-spencer-death%E2%80%88cops-probe

Editorial comment: Unfortunately, stories such as Jennyfer's are likely to become more common as the financial crisis forces local councils to cut the services they offer to disabled and elderly people. It is cruel contradiction that at the same time that the government says it wants to give people more flexibility in how they spend their social care monies, these monies are going to be harder to find, as councils are saying they will have cut spending by twenty-five or thirty percent in the next financial year. So, be prepared for the government to make a big fuss about how the lives of a carefully selected group of disabled people have been improved by Personal Budgets, while ignoring the hardship that is likely to become the lot of the vast majority.


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