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Europe: Disabled woman ejected from aircraft

Posted 31/3-10 at 21.22

Marie-Patricia Hoarau, a wheelchair user, was ordered to leave an Easyjet flight from Paris because she was not accompanied. This happened despite a fellow passenger, a British Airways flight crew member, saying he would act as her companion.

Ms Hoarau said she regularly flies on her own to Paris to see family, and has never had such a problem. She has registered a complaint with HALDE, the French anti-discrimination watchdog.

In a statement Easyjet said it was "sincerely sorry" that Ms Hoarau had been removed from the flight.


UK: Wheelchair user can't fly without companion Kim Swift has been told by Monarch Airlines that she could not fly unaccompanied because of EU regulations.Even through the UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission [EHRC] told her this was not the case, the new regulations do say that, in most cases, anyone unable to fasten their seatbelt, leave their seat or reach an emergency exit unaided should be accompanied.


UK: New report on accessible air travel

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has just published a report on how the implementation of UK Department for Transport's Code of Practice on access to air travel aligns with the European Union regulations.It finds that the Code has provided greater clarity for travelers and airlines. Nonetheless, there has been little change in quality of service since airports, instead of the airlines, were given the responsibility of getting disable people on and off aircraft. With respect to the question raised in the two previous reports - the ability to travel unaccompanied - the UK Code appears to support the airlines' position. For example, it says airlines should only require a person with mobility problems to be accompanied, " where it is evident that they are not self reliant". This leaves a great deal of scope for interpretation.It can be downloaded from:


Editorial comment: Many disabled people have experienced similar treatment and worse than that recounted in the first two reports. Being barred from boarding aircraft, being charged extra for having to be assisted, having wheelchairs damaged or lost, being roughly handled by poorly-trained ground staff, are just a few of the joys of travelling for disabled people.

The codifying of EU regulations on air travel for disabled people into national codes of practice, considered above, by clarifying what airlines and airports must provide, do offer many positive benefits for disabled travellers. In many respects they also provide a good model for other countries on what should be covered in such regulations.One not-so-helpful point is that raised by the experiences of Kim and Marie-Patricia. It seems that airlines can decide whether a passenger is refused on board or needs to be accompanied. This can happen either if they are not ‘self reliant' or if the carrier can claim being on their own the disabled person constitutes a significant danger on grounds of health and safety. As we know, leaving these decisions to service providers, whatever they are providing, often leads to us being unfairly excluded. This aspect of the regulations needs to be clarified. If, as it seems, many of us may be required to travel with personal assistants, then the regulations must be challenged.







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