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3rd December, International Day of Disabled People - Events and campaigns

Posted 08/12-08 at 21.43

What I did on International Day.

Where were you on 3rd December 2008? We would love to hear your story. Please leave a comment about what you did, the event you took part in and people you met.

"I had the day off work and met up with old and new friends in the Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN), blocking the traffic in Whitehall outside Downing Street to protest against the governments plan for welfare reform." says Richard Downes, Direct Action Coordinator  of Brent Advocacy Concerns.

Tell us your story below.

On 3rd December 2008, the International Day of Disabled People, campaigners and friends in Bangladesh came together to raise awareness of disabled people's rights. This was organised by the National Alliance of Disabled Peoples Organizations (NADPO) a national network of Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs).  Disabled People in Dhaka form a Human Chain

This picture shows disabled people demonstrating their rights in front of the National Museum in Dhaka.

Disabled campaingners and their allies line roads in Dhaka

Campaigners in this picture line the roads in Dhaka.

Many hundreds of disabled people join together in solidarity in a Human Chain.

Over five hundred disabled people join together in solidarity in a Human Chain to demand inclusion and equal rights in Bangladesh.


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Comment added 29/1-09 at 19.04 by: Gráinne Teggart at Disability Action (grainnneteggart@disabilityaction.org )

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2008, the Centre on Human Rights for People with Disabilities (CHRPD) at Disability Action hosted a panel debate on the Northern Ireland context of The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Gerry Kelly, Junior Minister, Office First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM), gave the opening address and stated publicly OFMDFM’s commitment to working with the CHRPD on the Convention and its implications and application in Northern Ireland. Over 120 key political, disability, private and public sector stakeholders attended the event.

For further information on the UNCRPD and the work of CHRPD contact Gráinne Teggart at Disability Action on 02890 297880 or grainnneteggart@disabilityaction.org

Comment added 19/12-08 at 01.06 by: Richard Downes (Brent)

I think the government have made a right mess of this. DAN could support any real government objective that helped Disabled People into real work and out of the poverty trap but their legislation does not address the discrimination we face in work, we think this will be an opportunity to put Disabled People into low paid work simply to save money from the benefits budget. In addition we believe the government are not doing anything to stop the plethora of negative press about Disabled People who the press increasingly refer to as scroungers and workshy. Plus, they have chosen to implement punitive measures that will apply cash penalties to people who do not find work when they should alreaady know that we can ill afford these cash penalties.

Later in the day i posted photos on to the facebook groups; We All Shot Pudsey Bear and Direct Action Network.

I'd really like for other Disabled People to know about this and to get involved in the two facebook groups mentioned above.

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