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UK: Independent Living Fund (ILF) to restrict access for new claimants

Posted 24/3-10 at 21.01

From May, the Independent Living Fund (ILF) will only accept applications for support from those with at least 16 hours of paid work per week. This is a major change in policy brought about, they claim, by the need to maintain support within their budget for those currently using ILF.

The ILF was established as a national resource dedicated to the financial support of disabled people to enable them to choose to live in the community rather than in residential care.

If you would like to voice your opinion on the new priorities, the ILF invites your comments.

Write to Independent Living Fund, Equinox House, Island Business Quarter, City Link, Nottingham NG2 4LA.

Email policy.development@ilf.org.uk.


Editorial comment: The proposed change in priorities, slipped quietly into an otherwise upbeat ILF press release, is yet another cost-cutting exercise inflicted on disabled people. (See Our Rights article on benefits work test) It is being done by discriminating against a large section of the disability community. For example, those in education or training will now be excluded, as will unemployed disabled people. People with learning difficulties will be particularly badly effected.

Furthermore, on the face of it, this decision runs counter to both the ILF's own brief of helping people live independently, as well as the government's personalisation agenda. Increasingly, that agenda is being characterised by fine-sounding public pronouncements with no visible means of financial support. Essentially, it has become smoke and mirrors, without mirrors.



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