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USA: State budget cuts hit services for disabled people

Posted 16/3-10 at 21.55

The chief executive of the American Association of People with Disabilities, said that of all the budget cuts hitting services for disabled people throughout the US, South Carolina is the most extreme example.

To help deal with a $560 million budget deficit, lawmakers are considering cutting all services for nearly 26,000 disabled people. This would mean that the state would support but 4,800 in group homes or institutions, the only type of care the federal government requires the state to provide.

The impact of disabled people in South Carolina will be devastating, especially with respect to independent living and basic health care. Adaptations that allow people to stay in there homes will not be funded, day care centers will close and about 50% of the state's Medicaid recipients would lose prescription coverage.

Disability advocates claim that other states have raised taxes to deal with similar problems, but that is unlikely in South Carolina, a heavily Republican state where tax increases are not considered a viable option.


Editorial comment: Yet another example of how the financial crisis caused by the greed of the rich is being paid for by the suffering of the poor. Or as the words of the old song would have it: It's the same the whole world over, It's the poor wot gets the blame; It's the rich wot gets the pleasure, Ain't it all a blooming shame.



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