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World Organisation Against Torture Press release Geneva, 3 December 2008

Posted 08/12-08 at 20.52

Disabled person institutionalised in Dragash Voyvoda

On the 3rd December 2008, the International Day of Disabled People, three organisations came together in Bulgaria to express their deep concern over the situation of disabled people living in mental health institutions in Bulgaria.

To draw attention to the human rights abuses, the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) and the Mental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC) sent a number of letter to members of the Bulgarian Parliament and Government, officials and elected representatives in the European Union, and the United Nations Special Procedures mandate holders.

The three organisations say that disabled people with mental health issues in Bulgaria, “frequently face social exclusion and severe human rights violations, including violence and ill-treatment”.

Regardless of their skills and capabilities, people living with mental heath conditions are often deemed incompetent, deprived of their legal capacity and placed under guardianship. Their rights to make their own decisions are taken away and other basic human rights denied, including the right to have meaningful relationships, to marry, to vote, to work, to take legal action and to seek judicial remedies.

Violations of basic rights have far reaching consequences, which are discussed in full in the press release report.

To see the full press report, click here


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