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Africa: East African Community sets out revolutionary proposals for mainstreaming disability

Posted 02/3-10 at 10.34

The first East African Community (EAC) conference on disability was held in Kampala, Uganda, at the end of February. The meeting brought together representatives of DPOs, professionals, political leaders, policy makers and members of civil society to discuss, debate and recommend how partner states and the EAC can best address the challenges confronting disabled people.The outcome was a raft of wide-ranging resolutions drawn up to mainstream disability issues in all partner states.

Among the many proposed measures were: the setting up of national disability councils, mainstreaming disability in all budgets and development projects, appointing disability advocates in every ministry, formulating an EAC disability law, establishing a regional disability development fund, getting partner states to ratify the CRPD as a regional bloc and holding a development partners' conference involving disabled people.

The foregoing summary does scant justice to the breadth of ambition of those who attended the meeting. The report from the Kampala Conference merits a close reading for all those interested in building a robust process of disability inclusion.



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