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Italy: Politicians denounce abusive Facebook page on children with Down Syndrome

Posted 25/2-10 at 00.13

Politicians and Internet activists in Italy have denounced a page on Facebook that calls for children with Down Syndrome to be used for target practice.

Police were trying to track down who set up the page, which features a photo of a baby with Down Syndrome and the word "idiot" superimposed on it.

Equality Minister Mara Carfagna, promised legal action against those responsible for the page, denouncing it as "unacceptable and dangerous."


Editorial comment: Unfortunately, this is only one of many internet sites that denigrate disabled people and represent us as targets of hate, ridicule and voyeurism. The only good thing to say about this otherwise terrible story is that finally politicians are speaking out and the police are going after the perpetrators of this obscene and cowardly form of disability hate crime.


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