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Ireland: Complaints mount about abuse of disabled people in residential care

Posted 24/2-10 at 00.46

More than 500 complaints have been made over the last two and a half years over the abuse of and indifferent care provided to disabled children and adults in institutional care in Ireland.

At the moment there are few protections for people in this situation, as there are no official standards laid down and no formal inspection regime. Proposals to bring in both were rejected last year because of the financial crisis. However, the minister with responsibility for disability has promised that new powers would be brought in by the end of the year to protect disabled children in residential care.


Editorial comment: Although better regulation is to be welcomed, it is no substitute for liberating people from segregated institutions. There is ample evidence that no matter how ‘enlightened' the care, such places all too often systematically strip people of their humanity and human rights. It would be hoped that the Irish government would respond positively to the EU's recommendation outlined above, and begin a programme of deinstitutionalisation.



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