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Europe: EU calls for ending institutionalisation of disabled children

Posted 24/2-10 at 00.24

At the beginning of February, the EU Committee of Ministers released a strongly-worded recommendation calling for disabled children to be cared for in families and in the community instead of long-term residential institutions. This is backed up by reference to number of agreements and conventions to which the EU is party, including the UN Convention on Rights of the Child and CRPD.

The recommendation states that member states must ‘...ensure that children with disabilities are able to exercise the same rights as other children.' Furthermore, that ‘the state has a responsibility to support families so that they can bring up their disabled child at home....'.

There are also detailed guidelines laid down as how to manage the process of deinstitutionalisation. As part of this, they want to see disabled children fully mainstreamed into society, including social life, education, health etc.




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