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Europe: EU rats out on ratification

Posted 20/2-10 at 16.09

In November 2009 we reported that European Union had ratified the CRPD. This now seems to have been something of an illusion. For the Convention to be ratified, the instrument must be deposited with the UN. This has not been done. Although the EU has previously ratified international treaties without waiting for all its member states to do so, this time they have decided the Convention will only be fully ratified and, therefore, binding across Europe, when each member country has ratified the treaty.

Only 13 of the 27 countries have so far ratified the treaty. Officials say it could take years for the remaining countries do so. This means that while disabled people in the states that have ratified can enjoy some of the rights granted under the Convention, when it is question of EU law these rights will not apply. This is disgraceful and a major disappointment for the 65 million disabled people in the EU.


Editorial Comment: We would hope that the failure of the EU to ratify the CRPD will spark a European-wide campaign to convince the Council of the European Union to proceed without waiting for each country to ratify the Convention. At the same time, DPOs and their allies throughout the EU must work together to make sure that all member states ratify. As shown below, most countries signed three years ago. They have had more than enough time to move to ratification.

[since this was written France has ratified the CRPD 18-2-2010]

According to the UN Enable website, http://www.un.org/disabilities/countries.asp?navid=12&pid=166

the following countries have not ratified the CRPD.

Bulgaria - signed 27-9-2007

Cyprus - signed 30-3-2007

Estonia - signed 25-9-2007

Finland - signed 30-3-2007

France - signed 30-3-2007

Greece - signed 30-3-2007

Ireland - signed 30-3-2007

Latvia - signed 18-7-2008

Luxembourg - signed 30-3-2007

Malta - signed 30-3-2007

Netherlands - signed 30-3-2007

Poland - signed 30-3-2007

Romania - signed 26-9-2007

Slovakia - signed 26-9-2007


Comment added 21/2-10 at 21.51 by: dc matthews (USA) (go2thesun@mac.com)

Can you get 2 more and then use majority rule to move ahead?

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