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Europe: Survey reports on conditions facing disabled women in Europe in light of UN Convention

Posted 02/2-10 at 01.03

The European Union has just released a detailed study which analyses and interprets information on the situation of disabled women in 33 European countries in light of the UN Convention. The work also specifies what still has to be improved to allow these women to enjoy their rights and fundamental freedoms.

All key areas are investigated including; legislation, employment, education, independent living, access to social and health services, standard of living, access to goods and services, access to justice, participation in political, public and cultural life.

Not surprisingly, the report finds disabled women suffer disadvantage and discrimination in all aspects of life. It recommends, among other things, that policies are made more sensitive to the gender dimension of disability and that Member States develop national strategies for disabled women addressing the range of issues covered in the UN Convention.

The report can be downloaded at: http://ec.europa.eu/social/BlobServlet?docId=4364&langId=en


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